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Here You can find sewing inspiration and free swimsuit patterns. I added links to a blog where I write more about how to sew (DIY) these handmade costumes, swimsuits, and blouses.
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panties pdf pattern.jpg

This swimsuit design is inspired for a simple look.

A really simple pattern is suitable for beginners!

It requires about 12 inches or 30 centimeters of the main fabric. The same amount for linen. 

Seam allowances are not included in the pattern! I suggest add 1cm for seam allowance.


Woman panties or swimsuit bottom pattern. Made for stretchy lycra fabric. Suitable for sewing swimwear or regular under panties. The decor is not included. 

This is the pattern in sizes  XS, S, M, L ( EU  38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50). 

The Pattern is in PDF format. You will need to glue on some details together. The patterns don't include a tutorial on how to sew it. Made for regular A4 size printer.

Wide folds skirt.jpg

Woman - teenager evening skirt pattern. + tulle underskirt. 

High waist short evening skirt pattern. Suitable for dancers, show costume. Gorgeous skirt.

Length of the skirt: 12,6 inches or  32 centimeters.
Pattern in sizes  XS, S, M, L ( EU  34, 36, 38, 40, 42). 

The Pattern is in PDF format. 
You will need to glue some details together. 

This PDF doesn't include a tutorial on how to sew it. 
For a regular A4 format printer.

Add +1cm seam allowance.

The pattern itself is really simple to sew.
On the same note, please have in mind that this type of evening skirt requires putting a bit more time into sewing (the underskirt has a lot of ruffles).

It requires about 67 inches or 170 centimeters of the main fabric. 
For underskirt: 10 yards or 10 meters of tulle. You could use less of it.  It depends on the softness of the tulle You would choose to use.